Seth & Chan Pre-shoot – Botha’s Hill

It was a gloriously lit afternoon that I spent with this most gorgeous couple.  Seth and Chan, you guys are beautiful inside and out, and I wish God’s richest blessings over your forever together…

Wedding photos will be posted shortly…

splash cover

S&C (3)S&C (4)S&C (7)S&C (9)S&C (12)S&C (14)S&C (16)S&C (18)S&C (20)S&C (22)S&C (24)S&C (26)S&C (27)S&C (28)S&C (30)S&C (33)S&C (35)S&C (38)S&C (40)S&C (43)S&C (44)S&C (46)S&C (50)S&C (53)
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