Norman & Joy – The Plantation

What a privilege to be able to fly down to PE to photograph this amazing wedding and gorgeous couple!  I loved it! Thank you, “Princess and Pookie” for entrusting me with capturing the moments of your special day.  It was such fun!   Here are some words from Joy:

Norman and I knew we were meant to be right from the start and having a wedding was merely a celebration of that fact. However, neither of us could have imagined just how special a day it would have turned out to be. Besides having our family and friends together to share in our happiness, the fact that we were able to share our love with everyone else was what made it truly special for us. All we could have hoped for was a beautiful day, filled with emotion and warmth, and we got exactly that. We gave everyone a glimpse of Pookie and Princess and our special love for each other, and that was most certainly the best part of the whole day. All we can do is say thank you to everyone who made our day extra special. And finally to Jenny… I was so excited when you agreed to capture our day, and I’ve received nothing but compliments for how amazing you were at the wedding and for your beautiful photographs of our day. Thank you for your amazing work! We look forward to looking at these for the rest of our lives together. Lots of love, Norman and Joy (aka Pookie and Princess) xxx

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